Wivey Grows is officially launched!

The Wivey Grows Radio Show - new collaboration with 10Radio

03 October 22 - by Neil Gent

Sunday 30th October at 11am, will be the very first of our new 10Radio broadcast - the Wivey Grows Radio Show, exclusive to Wivey Grows hosted by the Wiveygrows' team. With gardening, nature and Wildlife themed music playlist to accompany the expertise of our Wivey Growers on air, tune in live on 105.3FM (in the 10 parishes area), 10Radio.org on the internet, or through the 10Radio app (which you can purchase from your app store).

The Wivey Grows broadcast, will include live updates of the project's progress at Langley House, such as in the vegetable garden, Wildlife Safaris, or with Team Flowers. To gain a better understanding of project aims and achievements so far, tune in for interviews with team leads or find out about our upcoming events.

For advice on making the most of your own garden, tune in for seasonal growing advice from our very knowledgeable volunteer guests, who will also help you to make the most of your produce in the kitchen. Plan your week of gardening ahead with the weekly weather outlook. Finally, don't miss the special feature "Rich talks nature", as Richard Adams a Wivey Grower and avid lover of nature, explores its wonders.

You can contact the show at wiveygrower@10radio.org if you have any suggestions of features you would like to see added to the show, or studio@10Radio.org if you would like to contact the show live during the broadcast.

The shows will be live on air and as recorded so if you don't manage to catch Wivey Growers in real time on 10Radio, there will be the opportunity to listen at a later date.

This is an excellent opportunity for Wivey Grows to showcase its amazing work, it is therefore extremely grateful to 10Radio for providing such a platform. The event is a fantastic reflection of the strength of Wivey's community which projects such as ours thrive upon, please do get involved!