Wivey Grows is officially launched!

Wivey Grows Launch!

06 May 22 - by Will Varney

Wivey Grows is a community run project for universal community enjoyment.

Based at Langley House, Wivey Grows is a space where we can support each other in improving and even restoring our mental and physical health. It has great potential for spreading positivity through the mediums of a natural environment . It will be a hive of activity, with flower and vegetable growing, building, woodworking, creating, cooking, eating, playing which anyone can take part in.


The success and longevity of Wivey Grows is reliant on the great efforts of the team that has already put in months of work to get the growing going!… yet the official launch is on the 7th of may and we welcome everyone to come along and join the fun!

Start the day by entering the site via Langley House’s adventurous Bamboo Path. Enjoy the wonderful live High Park Community band that greets you and meet a few of the team members who might tempt you to become a Wivey Grower yourself !

Following the meeting with soon to become familiar faces, take our tour route with one of our tour guides through the gardens and woodland and build your relationship with the environment which offers so much. On the way back you’ll pass the lake and reconnect with where you started your stroll.

Having relished the opportunity to get your first glimpse of the promise of the site, reward yourself with Tea and cake. Alternatively, a more substantial, but no doubt just as delicious pizza from the Hungry Bear, parked up in our exciting pizza zone will be available!

Start your journey as a Wivey Grower by joining in with building a cob pizza oven from clay and stones from the site. Or make kites from our bamboo. Or make pinch points from clay in our ClayStation.

Dont forget to bring your sunflowers that were planted on our Open Day, their new home in the sunflower bed awaits. If you have other plants and seedlings to donate, bring them to the new circle beds that will nurture them as they grow!

Our Wivey Grows launch crab apple tree will be planted around midday to mark the beginning and opening of our community space with welcome speeches and a special guest. Before more live music from the wonderful Fodo Higginson..

The event is to be enjoyed by all ages and the activities listed above can be completed at your leisure. (You can even just come along for some tea and a chat!)

Please come along on the 7th of May to our launch at Langley House!


Will Varney is currently at college, keen to pursue a career in journalism and excited to write about sustainable projects that bring positive impact on physical and mental health.