Wivey Grows is officially launched!

What is it like to be a Wivey Grower?

09 April 23 - by Will Varney

This month's blog features a Q&A with Wivey Grow's member Jo Tilley who shares her experiences of Team Flowers and inspiration for getting involved at Langley House. For current project members, this blog will be an interesting presentation of a team member's journey into the project, perhaps differing from your own.

For those readers yet to involve yourselves with Wivey Grows; it is hoped that this interview can convey the inspirational, supportive and fulfilling nature of membership. Enabling you to benefit from and provide benefit to this thriving, inclusive community!


Q1) What made you want to join Wivey Grows?
 Jayne Cowling asked me if I could help out with Team Flowers last spring, having got me into growing flowers a few years ago. She is a great inspiration and I am hooked now on growing flowers for my garden and to gift to family, friends and people in the community. In the late autumn, team flowers stopped meeting regularly; however Olly, one of my sons who is currently doing his Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, has been going down since November for his volunteering section with his friend Matt. I have been going with him on a Saturday morning to help out.

Q2) What have you enjoyed most about getting involved at Langley House?
 I have met some really lovely people in the community whose paths I may never have crossed had it not been for Wivey Grows. I have also learnt so much from them all. There is always coffee around 11 and usually cake or biscuits which provides an opportunity to chat and pick someones brains if needed!

Q3) How important do you feel the "team" and community aspects of the project are? 
Meeting different people in the community at Wivey Grows has been great. We work together in teams and there is always friendly banter between team veg and team flowers across the fence or in the pub. You can of course be in both teams!

Q4) What advice would you give to someone thinking about coming along to Wivey Grows? 
Pop down for half an hour one Saturday, for a coffee around 11 just to find out what it is all about. You don’t have to be there the entire time, or commit to going each week. You don’t have to know about gardening, growing flowers or veg. You will meet some really lovely people in our community!

Q5)What do you think is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the project? 
-Helping to grow flowers and of course veg for the community.
-Getting to know new, friendly and interesting people who are open to sharing their knowledge with fellow team members.

Once again, a massive thank you to Jo, another inspiring member of the Wivey Grows team who strives to provide support to her local community whilst having a great time in the process! With Olly now helping out with the project, recently taking fantastic drone shots of the team's work at Langley House, Wivey Grows' aim to involve all ages and generations is on full display.